Negative Health Effects of Dust

It’s no surprise that our health can be affected by a wide range of seen and unseen environmental factors. From Vitamin D to air quality, many health conditions are influenced by invisible matter or elements so understanding exactly what affects us can play a big role in how we approach our physical wellbeing. In particular, our home environment can be filled with one major source of risk for our health: dust! Due to the global pandemic and shifts in working styles, we’re all spending so much more time at home or working inside at desk jobs, so this is a timely topic.

Even the cleanest homes can contain a range of dust matter that’s a random miscellany of all manner of debris – human skin, pollen, dust mites and more. The particles that collect as dust in homes and buildings become risky because of how they can be inhaled or respirated which in turn can affect your respiratory and cardiovascular system. Exposure Science Lecturer Dr Marie Coggins spoke with about how dust is an ongoing health risk with the explanation,

The Health Effects of Dust - Infographic

“Airborne dust is ubiquitous in our environment. Any time we move, or perform an operation or action at work or at home, we generate hundreds, maybe thousands, of dust particles.”

It goes without saying then that dust is a significant part of how we can care for our health, so how do we manage dust at home or at work to mitigate acute or chronic disease risks? To address this, Cleaning Services Group developed this infographic guide ‘The Health Effects of Dust’ as a detailed 101 explainer on exactly how the range of matter that makes up dust can impact us including air quality, allergic reaction and fomites. The full resource is designed with key tips to follow to learn more about the steps you can be taking at home to minimize risky dust buildup. Check out the graphic below to get started with establishing healthier habits and a more hygienic home with less pesky dust and mystery matter!


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