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Many of us struggle with disturbing sleep patterns and are always looking for how to sleep better at night. The right solution to come out of this problem is to change some unhealthy habits and follow the right ones.

Nowadays, late-night working hours, scrolling over our social media accounts till late at night, and eating unhealthy food are a few reasons for poor sleep quality. 

So, get ready to hop into the details of improving your sleeping patterns or habits at Stay Fit Healthy Lifestyle.

Following are the evidence-based tips on how to improve your sleep quality

1. Comfortable Bedding And Room Temperature

Always choose comfortable bedding and perfect body temperature as it makes you feel relaxed, and you can sleep better. It also helps to avoid any body aches or spine-related issues. A room with an adequate temperature of around 70°F (20°C) is usually considered comfortable for better sleep quality. However, it can vary from one region to another. Additionally, choose the suitable fabric for bedsheets and blankets to maintain an appropriate temperature during the night.

2. Prefer Dim Lights

Try to sleep in dim lights, as bright lights lead to distractions and disruptions to sleep. The reason why bright light should be avoided during sleeping time is that it misaligns the circadian rhythm, due to which a person may experience mood swings, mental health issues, and several seasonal disorders sometimes. Meanwhile, preferring dim lights or dark rooms helps raise melatonin hormone levels. It helps in facilitating quality sleep. While using dim lights, you can use specific colours of lights such as yellow, orange, or red.

3. Avoid Long Daytime Naps

Short power naps are beneficial for our body and mind. However, prolonged or irregular naps can disturb your sleeping pattern, and you usually struggle to sleep at night. If you take long daytime naps, try to reduce this habit to experience better sleep quality.

According to research, around 30 minutes or less of an afternoon nap is helpful to relax our brain and body functioning. Ensure not to exceed the napping time more than this for improved sleep quality.

4. Avoid Late-Night Dinner

Having your meal late at night may imbalance the release of HGH and melatonin, which play a crucial role in quality sleep. Make sure to have your dinner at least 4 hours before going to bed. If you have a high-carb meal at night, try to go for a 10-minute walk before bed.

5. Keep Your Mobile or Other Electronic Devices Aside in The Hour Before Bed

Nowadays, we all are addicted to scrolling over our phones and tablets and working late at night on laptops. Because of this, your melatonin production is suppressed; thus, you find it hard to sleep properly at night.

6. Follow Relaxation Techniques

A clear mind is the best way to sleep better. Therefore, to shoo away your day’s stress or body fatigue, you can follow relaxation techniques such as listening to music, reading a book, deep breathing, meditation, and a hot water shower. Try the best technique to experience how to sleep better at night naturally.

7. Limit Caffeine, Alcohol, And Smoke

Many of us are used to having caffeinated drinks in excess amounts, which disrupts the sleeping quality somehow. These drinks are mainly coffee, tea, and sodas, which leads to long-term sleep deprivation. Hence, reduce the intake of such drinks for better sleep quality. Besides this, you need to be mindful of the consumption of alcohol and smoking. These are among the sleep barriers affecting the brain, leading to various sleeping problems.

8. Set A Definite Or Fixed Wake-up Alarm

A simple mantra for improving your sleep quality is to stick to a particular or fixed wake-up time. Our bodies can’t easily get used to different waking times, and if your morning alarm is not fixed, it may lead to poor sleep and poor health.

9. Consult To A Doctor

If you are facing severe issues with sleeping, go for your doctor’s advice. Worsening sleep problems need immediate consultation to avoid any further health risks. Make sure to discuss it to get the proper guidance and treatment to come out of this disturbing sleeping pattern.


A sound sleep and a healthy body are interlinked to each other. Thus, it’s vital to look after your sleeping habits for better health and simultaneously adopt healthy eating habits and exercise for improved sleep quality. All in all, if you feel that your body is not active, disturbing sleep is one of the main reasons. Usually, we ignore our habit of waking late at night, and because of this, our cycle of at least 8 hours of sleep is not completed; thus, our overall health is affected. Hopefully, you get help to improve your sleep quality through these points, as mentioned above. For more healthy life tips, keep reading at Stay Fit Healthy Lifestyle.



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