Tips To Live A Healthy Life

Ever wonder how healthy are you?  Do you have a healthy diet?  Do you exercise?  Or do you drink at least 8 glasses of water?  Do you sleep properly? Do you live a healthy lifestyle? Our body is our temple and we must treat it like one as well. Did you know over 70% of Americans are overweight ?  That’s insane I know. Think of your body as armor whose duty is to protect you from any ...

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5 Bad Eating Habits That You Need To Avoid

As everybody realizes that eating and keeping a diet plan is quite possibly one of the main things to keep a healthy body and mind. Eating good sort of foods within the right proportions helps to take care of healthy weight. Everyone gives the best tips to stay fit for your healthy lifestyle by their knowledge. But over a period of time, the advancement in technology and shortage of time has ...

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What are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Herbal Tea?

With increasing awareness among people, fitness and health is becoming their priority. The pandemic has forced us to focus on the quality of the food we are consuming. People are switching to healthy alternatives for every food item that they consume daily. The most relevant example of the same is regular tea and herbal tea.  In the past few years, herbal tea manufacturers have invested heavily in advertising and spreading awareness ...

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