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A healthy heart is a much-needed thing for the overall functioning of our body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), heart disease is a primary concern, and hence, following heart-health tips, such as eating a healthy diet, having an active body, and avoiding harmful things, are helpful. So, to prepare yourself to change a few things in your daily life, Stay Fit Healthy Lifestyle has some powerful tips to improve your heart health. Let’s read and practice these.

What is Heart Disease

When the coronary arteries get blocked or narrow due to cholesterol and fatty material, this is known as Coronary Heart Disease(CHD) or coronary artery disease (CAD). In this situation, blood flow is restricted to the heart and, hence, leads to heart attack or heart stroke.

The main reasons for plaque building inside the arteries are:

  • High blood pressure 
  • High Cholesterol level in the blood
  • Increased sugar level in the blood
  • Smoking and Alcohol (too much)
  • Obesity and more

Heart Health Tips to Defend Yourself from the Heart Diseases

There are several healthy lifestyle choices you need to make to protect yourself from the risk of heart disease. Have a look at these below.

Say No To Smoking Or Tobacco.

Your habit of smoking can damage your heart health as it lowers the level of oxygen in the blood. Due to this, the blood pressure and heart rate rise, which leads to the risk of heart disease such as heart attack or stroke. Thus, for improved heart health, try to quit smoking as soon as possible.

Perform Daily Physical Activity

Physical activity is a must for lowering the risk of heart disease. It helps to control your weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Hence, stay active; you can walk briskly for at least 150 minutes daily. Besides this, other strength training exercises, running, gardening, and yoga poses can be performed to improve heart health.

Eat Healthy

Follow a heart-healthy diet to control your blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels. You can include:

  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Beans or other legumes.
  • Lean meat and fish.
  • Dairy products(Low-fat or fat-free)
  • Whole grains.
  • Healthy fats include olive oil, chia seeds, fatty fish, etc.

On the other hand, try to limit the consumption of the following too.

  • Salt or high-sodium meals.
  • Sugar or sweetened beverages( but you can have dark chocolates in moderate amounts)
  • Highly refined carbohydrates.
  • Alcohol.
  • Highly processed food, such as processed meats.
  • Saturated fat and trans fat food items.

Maintain A Healthy Body Weight

Your overall body weight needs to be maintained to avoid further risk of heart disease. Any person with extra weight is considered obese. Hence, an obese person has a higher chance of high BP, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. 

In short, you must maintain a healthy body weight per the BMI. Remember, a higher BMI, i.e. 25 or above, is considered overweight. Additionally, manage waist circumference, as belly fat increases health risks.

Sound Sleep

Quality sleep is a simple mantra for a healthy heart. People who don’t get at least seven hours of sleep mostly have some health problems such as obesity, depression, heart attack, blood pressure, etc.

Thus, remember to set a good sleeping pattern to stay healthy.

Avoid Stress

Typically, we all feel stressed out in many situations of life. But we need to cope rightly to avoid its severe health issues. Try to engage yourself in any physical activity, any hobby of yours like painting, meditation, and more, to stay away from anxiety or stress. On the other hand, if you have difficulty dealing with stress, consult the health experts about your problem instead of ignoring it.

Health Screening Tests

For improved heart health, prioritize the health screening tests. Many of us only go for thorough body check-ups once a year. It is a blunder we are doing with our health. Regular screening tests help you to monitor your overall health by knowing the numbers of your BP, cholesterol, sugar level, blood count cells, and others. So, prioritize yourself and go for routine check-ups.

Maintain Hygiene

Whether it’s your body or surroundings, proper hygiene is necessary. Meanwhile, keeping your body clean looks good and protects you from disease. For instance, cleaning teeth, nails, hair, ears, and other body parts is the basics of cleanliness. Besides this, a clean house or space lowers the chances of getting sick. Also, stay updated regarding certain viral vaccines such as the Yearly Flu vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine, and others to stay protected from your existing heart problems.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Consumption of alcohol in excess amounts can ruin your heart health. Hence, try to consume in moderation.

Laugh As Much As You Can

You do not need to be a professional to do some dancing steps. Music is good for your health whether you love soulful or dancing beats. Also, moving a little or dancing raises your heart rate and helps your lungs pump blood smoothly.


Many of us visit the doctors for several health issues and take medications to improve our health. Instead of this, try to follow healthy tips by Stay Fit Healthy Lifestyle; these are helpful for the overall wellness of your body and mind. Therefore, adapting to better heart health tips is beneficial for you. 

Stay happy, active, and positive in life.














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