Causes of Acne and best Way to Cure

Pimple, Pimple and lots of marks,

Don’t know how to cure them all!

Everyone wants to have a good personality and your overall personality comes from within when you feel confident about yourself completely. And healthy skin plays a great role in not only embracing beauty but also in boosting the confidence level of yours.

A glowing, vibrant, and clear skin looks beautiful. However, the definition of beauty is not considered as the bondage of just limited factors, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!

What is acne?

Acne is considered as a skin condition that occurs due to hormonal fluctuation or imbalance

(usually at teenage), oil secretion from the pores, and sometimes due to dead or pigmented skin as well. However, experts do not stick to only one particular reason related to acne, as they say, in the case of every individual the cause is not always the same.

That’s why, medications for acne cure are recommended on the basis of main factors such as age, skin type, the severity of acne, etc.

And treatment of any acne may take a few days, months, and even years which depends upon the harshness of the acne marks.

How is acne caused?

Unfortunately, single acne on your face is not bearable at all if it just pops up before the special day of yours. Well, there are several reasons behind the sudden breakout of acne. It may be due to the following reasons:

  • Unhealthy diet- If your diet is not correct then this one is really a big reason for the sudden acne breakouts on the face, neck, shoulder, and back. Maintaining a healthy diet in your daily routine is helpful in making the skin clear. So, for good skin keep a good track of eating well and drinking plenty of water.
  • Hormonal changes or imbalance: At teenage, usually the pimples pop up due to several hormonal changes with the growing age. Besides this, stress, anxiety, thyroid, PCOS due to hormonal imbalance is the other reason for acne appearance at any age.
  • Excessive oil is produced by the follicles: Blocked pores of your skin are the main reason for pimples. This blockage can occur due to the production of too much oil under the skin.
  • Accumulation of dead skin cells: Dead cells beneath under the skin clogged the pores and led to pimples.
  • Bacterial development in the pores: Growth of bacteria doesn’t allow the oil to release and causes acne.

How to treat acne?

Following a self-care routine keeps the skin dirt-free. Here are some steps you can do on a daily basis for acne repair and maintaining a healthy skin.

  • Use mild-soaps on your face and avoid foam-based face wash as well.
  • Do not squeeze the pimple ever.
  • Avoid too much intake of junk or oily food.
  • Go with water-based makeup products.
  • Avoid over touching your face especially with dirty hands.

Pimples are painful and can get worse many times if not healed by themselves or even after self-care and using home remedies. Then, in this situation, you have to consult a dermatologist for relief. With proper medication, you see a reduction in acne symptoms. As these prescribed medications contain Benzoyl peroxide, Sulphur, Resorcinol, Salicylic acid in acne creams used to kill bacteria, dry pimples, and remove dead skin cells.

Last not least, for any type of acne repair the right treatment is important to cure it permanently. Hence, if you are struggling with the pain and marks of pimples, do not get panic, just consult the best skin specialist in your town/city.

Some goodbyes are needed, just as to say to acne!

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