How Bean Bags Helping Yoga Better

Bean bags are supporting people’s yoga better and all of us are wondering why we didn’t think of this before? Better late than never, now everyone is admiring the idea and the bean bag chairs are helping a lot of people do those poses that they only dreamed of once.

Yoga props have the potential to spice up the routine and push your yoga to endless limits. The poses that you once dreamt of could be possible with a little support of the bean bags. Keep practising with the supporting prop until you get confident to practice without it. One of the very good props among the top league is bean bags. They are comfy, can be shaped as per need, and lasts longer so it makes them reliable. If you want to go with bean bags then firstly compare the Bean Bag prices in Pakistan so that you will have the idea.

Bean Bags For Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to practice rather difficult yoga poses. The bean bags being used as a prop can support the body to come into a state of relaxation. If you know your body’s parasympathetic nervous system you can use the bean bag chair to stimulate it making your rest and digest responses better.

Restorative Child’s Pose

Restorative child’s pose or “balasana” is just like hugging a big guy. Lay down on a bean bag chair and hold it for more than 10 mins and you feel your hip muscles being relaxed.
Since bean bags come in several different sizes making you relax better and feel good after it.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

The best thing about restorative poses is that they help calm the mind and deal with anxiety soothingly. Just like other restorative poses, legs up the wall or “Viparita Karani” helps release the tension and stress. This one especially deals with tired legs and feet while making your back legs stretch gently.

If practicing this pose with the support you can try bean bags as a prop. Just place the Bean Bag Chair with the wall and try it once. The bean bag won’t let you fall and will support your pose, the only limit is in your mind. So, break the barriers and get to know your body in the name of self-love.

Supported Bridge Pose

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is the pose commonly known as the supported bridge pose. In this pose, you make your body a bridge by lifting your hips up in the air. While lifting your body make sure that your knees are bent giving support in lifting your bum. Also, keep your feet just at a distance so that you can touch them with your fingers.

Now grab a bean bag and place it under the hip bone, making sure that it’s on the lowest level of height. Most yogis place their hands on their bellies while practising this pose. But it’s not necessary and you can also practice this pose while making your hands in cactus. Practice this pose for 4-5 minutes with deep breathing.

Reclined Goddess Pose

Reclined Goddess pose is that one pose that most people enjoy the most after a hectic day. It’s called Supta Baddha Konasana and it’s also a hip opener. As a restorative pose, it’s usually done with a prop and you can use a bean bag as a prop for this one. To make yourself as comfortable as you can.

Usually, this pose is practiced for 10 minutes, it uses gravity to deepen your stretch as you relax your mind. Use this pose at the end of the yoga session or at the end of the day in the evening. Most people feel pain in the groin, knees, or hips. If something like this happens, come out of this pose. Since it’s a restorative pose you shouldn’t feel any discomfort. Try the bean bags for support and in order to remove the pain. If you are looking for bean bags do visit bean bag prices in Pakistan so that you will have the best quality bean bag at an affordable price.

Final Word:

Yoga is supposed to make your body better and for beginners, it could be difficult to do proper poses. So, one shouldn’t be hesitant in taking help of the props. There are different kinds of props being used for yoga. Some use the straps and some use the yoga blocks and mats.

We recommend the bean bags due to their versatile nature. You can do these with any pose except for the poses that require a strap to stretch more. But as far as support is needed one can easily use the bean bags and they work fine. Limit is only the sky, so don’t shy away from optimizing your yoga poses. It’s about you and your body, the more you will know about your weaknesses the more you practice getting over them.

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